Property Insurance

Whether you own a brick-and-mortar, lease an office, or work from home, Property Insurance is something every business owner needs. It safeguards your physical assets from a variety of perils or risks like fires, explosions, burst pipes, storms, theft, and vandalism. However, natural disasters like earthquakes and floods are often not covered, unless these threats are added with a supplemental insurance policy. You can purchase Property Insurance from a wide variety of valuation methods like Agreed Amount, Actual Cash Value, or Replacement Cost. Your premium will depend on factors like the value of all your business assets, location, construction, occupancy, and fire or theft defenses.

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Real Property (Building)

Receive financial assistance to repair or replace the physical structure of your business and any structures attached to it, like a garage, fence or exterior sign.

Business Personal Property

Make it easier to repair or replace items inside your business, such as office supplies, furniture, computers, and machinery if they are damaged or stolen.

Business Interruption

Your business may need to shut down temporarily for reconstruction due to a covered claim, in which case you’ll want protection for loss income and other costs you may incur during this time.

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General Liability

Risks are everywhere, and they certainly don’t discriminate who or what they claim. General Liability Insurance is one of the most important coverage options you can have as a business owner, as it will help protect you from a wide variety of risks.

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Commercial Auto

Whether you own, lease, or rent a vehicle for business use, Commercial Auto Insurance will protect you from common physical damage and liability claims, among other inconvenient expenses.

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Commercial Umbrella

Commercial Umbrella Insurance is similar to Business Liability Insurance in that it covers costs like medical, legal, and other expenses related to an accident. The difference is it significantly extends the primary coverage amount to help keep your business afloat.

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Cyber Liability

If your business processes sensitive information, you need Cyber Liability Insurance. It’s an essential component of every risk management plan that protects you and your business from various technology-related risks.

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