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Who rescued who? Your pets are beloved members of your family that deserve the best care and protection. With a custom pet insurance policy, you can worry less about costly vet bills and instead focus on the needs of your pet. From routine preventative care to hospital stays, pet insurance will help reimburse expenses for covered claims. Keep in mind, pet insurance offers coverage for future health issues, so be sure to enroll your pet while he or she is young or as soon as possible after adoption.

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Flexible Premiums

Choose the percentage of money you’d like reimbursed, so you can properly budget for your pet’s needs—this often ranges from 70% to 90%. A lower percentage results in less money back on a claim, but a lower monthly premium.

Flexible Coverage

Choose what coverage is included in your policy, so you don’t pay for what don’t need—this can range from preventative care (vaccinations, dental work, lab work, etc.) to special needs and procedures (medication, x-rays, surgeries, hospitalization, etc.)

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