Flood Insurance

You don’t have to live next to a body of water to experience flooding—heavy rain, melting snow, or a coastal storm can lead to severe damage. And although floods are among the most common natural disasters, the aftermath of these incidents are often not covered by homeowners or similar insurance policies. Instead, supplemental coverage is available from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) through its National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Flood Insurance protects the structure of your home as well as your personal property, excluding items stored in your basement. No matter if you live in a low, medium, or high-risk flood area, Flood Insurance can provide extra coverage for when the unexpected happens.

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Building Property

Receive financial assistance to help repair or replace the physical structure of your home (or non-resident property) including plumbing and electrical systems, central air and heating systems, as well as built-in bookcases, cabinets, and paneling.

Personal Property

Make it easier to repair or replace items inside your home (or non-resident property) including clothing, furniture, décor, electronics, appliances, and other valuables. Reimbursement will be equivalent to the item’s value at the time it was damaged.

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