Workers Compensation Insurance

You likely know all your employees on a first-name basis. They’re like family, and it’s important they feel safe while on the job and are taken care of when accidents happen. Workers Compensation Insurance will help cover the various costs that result from an employee’s job-related injury or illness. It’s designed to protect your business, while also providing for your employee in a time of need. Coverage is determined by the size of your payroll as well as the types of duties your employees perform. Notably, Workers Compensation Insurance is mandatory for all employers under Pennsylvania law, because no matter the number of risks the workday may present, accidents always happen.

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Medical Expense

Pay for an employee’s immediate or long-term treatment costs, including ambulance transportation, emergency room consults, hospital admission, surgery, medication, and rehabilitation services.

Lost Wages

Coverage can help you pay up to 67% of your employee’s weekly wage during recovery. And if needed, coverage can provide a lump sum for an employee’s disability or disfigurement.


Liability coverage is a catch-all for medical, legal, and other related costs for an employee’s job-related injury. It’s particularly important if you’re met with claims of negligence.

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General Liability

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Business Owner

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